Vibration White Finger Diagnosis

A visit to your doctor is the first port of call when trying to establish a vibration white finger diagnosis.
Often you doctor will refer you to a specialist such as a neurologist or a rheumatologist if they suspect vibration white finger.

In order to determine the vibration white finger diagnosis, a history of long term exposure to vibration must be evident.
A full medical case history will be compiled including presenting symptoms, their onset and any changes in severity.
Also details of vibration exposure are gathered; the types of tools used, the number of years exposed, an estimate of daily hourly exposure and method of use.

A medical/clinical assessment process will be undertaken consisting of an examination and tests. The clinical examination should include the vascular, nervous and musculoskeletal systems. The findings will then indicate a vibration white finger diagnosis with the exclusion of all other similar conditions and the stage to which the disease is at.

Tests to diagnose vibration white finger

Some of the tests that your doctor or consultant may perform include the following . . .

  • The Purdue Pegboard Test (as shown)
  • The Thermal Aesthesiometry Test
  • The Grip Force Test
  • The Vibrotactile Threshold Test
  • The Cold Provocation Test
VWF Purdue Pegboard Test

Compensation After White Finger Diagnosis

If you suspect you may have symptoms of vibration white finger or have been diagnosed with the condition and wish to make a claim for compensation, please contact us as soon as possible for free advice.

Our panel of solicitors are some of the best vibration white finger solicitors in the country having won class actions in the court of appeal and having won significant amounts of money in compensation for their claimants.

If you would like to make a vibration white finger claim please call on 0800 923 0046 and speak with one of our senior advisors. Alternatively complete the claims form or request a call back.

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